Summer Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

I always say that skincare is the most important step to a makeup routine. After all, how can you expect to do great work if you neglect your canvas?

During the summer, I’m guilty of becoming a little lazy, but it’s important to never neglect your personal and physical health. During the summer I try to keep my skincare routine basic and light because, well, it’s summer. Nobody has time for all of that extra stuff. Or maybe I’m just lazier than I thought…

Anyway, here’s the skincare routine that I have created after years of struggling with acne and oily skin. My skin isn’t completely clear quite yet (hyperpigmentation will be the death of me), but my acne has dramatically decreased, and my skin is no longer a greaseball of oil. If you want to see how I did that, then keep reading! Continue reading

Pink…Because Why Not

If you know me, you’d know that underneath my hard, sarcastic exterior I’m an unapologetic girly-girl.  I love pastels and pinks and roses and sunshine and rainbows (yikes I can’t believe I’m admitting this online). So anyway, I decided that for my next beauty post, I’d do something pink. Why? Why not?

(I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the fact that i only own like three makeup palettes)




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Warm Smokey Eye (Morphe35O)

Hello, welcome to my first beauty post (can you tell?)!

For my first beauty post, I decided to do a warm smokey eye using the infamous Morphe 350 palette. Sure, this palette doesn’t scream “summer”, but warm and dark colors are my all time favorite, and I’ve decided that I shouldn’t limit my eyeshadow color choices just because it’s a bit warmer outside.

That being said, here’s the final look! Details about the eyeshadow colors and other products are below.


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Bonjour Bitches

Hey, internet stranger.

My name is Erin Nicole. I’m a nineteen year old girl who has no idea where her life is going. But that doesn’t make me different from anyone else my age. Rather, its possible that my perpetual existential crisis makes me more normal.

I’m a writer, and that’s as specific as I can possibly describe myself. I like to write both fiction and non-fiction on all platforms, and regarding a variety of subjects. For years I’ve been trying to limit myself. to focus on one thing and find success in that. But then I realized, what good would it be for me to give up 99% of what I love? I’m not satisfied with the 1%.

So I decided not to limit myself. I chose to explore all of my interests, all of the time. That’s how I got here. That’s why this page that you’re reading exists.

I like beauty and fashion (basic, I know), so I hope to write mainly about those topics. However, I also plan to share my personal writings with the world wide web. Is that a good idea? I’m not sure. Probably not. I have yet to understand how copyright actually works. But I’m doing it anyway. So there.

And on that note, welcome to whatever this is.